May 20, 2020
Want to run faster for longer?
  Beetroot juice could significantly boost your running performance. Beetroots contain naturally-occurring dietary nitrates that convert to Nitric Oxide in...
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May 15, 2019
Active Edge - Plant-based nutrition proven to boost your triathlon performance
Active Edge Nutrition sell a range of premium, plant-based juices proven to give you an edge, when taken as part...
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Nov 28, 2018
New study shows that Montmorency Cherries impacted exercise recovery positively in active females
According to a new study published in the European Journal of Sport Science, UK researchers have found that when consumed...
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Oct 23, 2018
Plant-based juices to boost training and sports performance
Active Edge is a natural remedy and sport performance brand.  We sell a range of premium, natural, plant-based juices proven...
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May 15, 2017
Drinking Pink - The New Essential Fuel for OCR
OCR or Obstacle Course Racing is arguably the fastest growing sport in the world. Races are popping up everywhere and...
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Nov 21, 2016
Purple power! How drinking beetroot juice can make you run faster, help the elderly climb the stairs - and give competitors an advantage in sports
Eating beetroot can make you run faster, a study has found. The purple vegetable was found to boost sprint times over...
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Jun 30, 2016
Tri? Just Do It! - A Beginners Guide to Triathlon
By now in this day and age if you have not heard about triathlon and what it entails then you...
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May 06, 2016
Jamie Vardy's secrets revealed: Leicester City striker's recovery methods....
Jamie Vardy's success in front of goal has been one of the surprise stories of the Premier League season and...
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Oct 22, 2015
Why four Rugby World Cup teams use CherryActive!
The Rugby World Cup – it’s a sore topic for England supporters, but not as sore as six solid weeks...
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Sep 24, 2015
Cycling Weekly - Recovery for Chocoholics
So sports nutrition is all about dodgy powders and energy bars that your dog would bark at eating? Don’t be...
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Sep 08, 2015
Effect of Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Aerobic Response during Swimming
The beneficial effects of beetroot juice supplementation (BJS) have been tested during cycling, walking, and running. The purpose of the...
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Sep 08, 2015
CherryActive Products Fuel Freediving Success!
UK Team members, Adam Drzazga and Shirley Turner from Blue Water Freediving School were sponsored by CherryActive.

“Whilst we were at the London International Dive Show representing Blue Water Freediving, we stopped by The Triathlon Show at ExCel, this is where we first sampled the very tasty CherryActive and Beet Active. CherryActive, very kindly sent us a box of CherryActive and BeetActive, as well as a handy drinks bottle each, we put these straight to good use!
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Jul 29, 2015
Beetroot juice could help you exercise for longer

By Madlen Davies (for Mail Online) 24th July 2015

Beetroot juice could help us exercise for longer, new research suggests. 

The study found the drink enhanced people's performance in exercise after they drank it for two weeks.

It reduced the workload on the heart and made the organ better able to deliver oxygen to the body's muscles... Click title to read more

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Jul 15, 2015
How Cherries Can Improve Your Workout

Whether you're looking to run the Houston Marathon next January or just get back to the gym before swimsuit season, new research suggests that incorporating a tiny, little, red fruit into your workout routine could prove highly beneficial... Click title to read more

By Lauren Marmaduke, Houston Press - February 23rd 2011

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Jun 24, 2015
Want to recover faster?

A new antioxidant supplement used by people with inflammatory conditions such as gout and arthritis, has been “hijacked” by athletes.  Click title to read more

Simon Martin, Editor Functional Sports ( - November 2009

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Jun 22, 2015
Stay young, be active and fight harder!
Does the above sound good to you? What if you found out that this could all be done by introducing just a small element of a certain fruit into your diet? Click title to read more
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Mar 12, 2015
Can Beetroot Juice Help you get a PB?

Some runners swear by drinking beetroot juice as part of their running diet. Does it work? ASICS nutritionist Ruth explains the science... Click title to read more.

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Dec 31, 2014
Cherry juice helps ease pain after running

Cherry juice could be the new sports drink after scientists found it helps ease pain after running... Click title to read more

By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent  Published: 8:00AM BST 30 May 2009

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Dec 01, 2014
How can I reduce muscle soreness after exercise?

Whether you're a sports professional, elite or amateur athlete, or simply a regular gym user... Click the title to read more

Natural Lifestyle Magazine - November 2009

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Nov 01, 2014
Bowl of cherries

glass of cherry juice - consumed frequently, can help reduce muscle soreness and lessen strength loss... Click title to read more

Cycling Weekly - 21st January 2010

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Oct 06, 2014
Top tips for a better triathlon from Rick Kiddle
Rick Kiddle, shares his top 5 tips for a better triathlon... Click title to view video
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Oct 05, 2014
Muscle recovery
CherryActive® has been proven to speed recovery and reduce soreness from exercise and training... Click title to read more
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Jul 03, 2014
Montmorency Cherries Reduce Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Responses

Montmorency cherries are a good candidate for recovery following intense exercise in humans because of their high concentrations of anthocyanins. To read the full published article please CLICK HERE

Nutrients 2014, 6, 829-843; doi:10.3390/nu6020829

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Jul 02, 2014
Montmorency cherry juice reduces muscle damage caused by intensive strength exercise.

Montmorency cherries contain high levels of polyphenolic compounds including flavonoids and anthocyanins. To read the full published article please CLICK HERE

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: August 2011 - Volume 43 - Issue 8 - pp 1544-1551

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Jul 01, 2014
Juice that can ease the pain
By Jo Willey - Daily Express, 23rd January 2009
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Jul 01, 2014
CherryActive taken by GB Olympians
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Jun 30, 2014
CherryActive in your 'Fit Kit'
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Jun 26, 2014
Cherry Power!

If you're suffering too much from post-exercise aching muscles, cherries could be the answer.  Click title to read more

Healthy for Men - April 2010

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Jun 17, 2014
A recent study proves how beneficial this drink can be for endurance athletes.

A recent study proves how beneficial this drink can be for endurance athletes.  Recent studies have shown that daily consumption of beetroot juice reduces the oxygen cost of exercise and increases high-intensity exercise tolerance... Click title to read more


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Mar 26, 2014
Olympic Cyclist thumbs up fro CherryActive.
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Sep 16, 2012
Beetroot juice may help beet your best

David Weir’s haul of four Paralympic gold medals was powered by a secret ingredient that is completely legal, scientifically proven to improve sporting performance, and has even been referred to as “legal blood doping”. What could this revolutionary aid be? Beta vulgaris – the simple beetroot...  Click title to read more

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Feb 07, 2012
Cherry concentrate hailed as a natural catalyst for sports performance
CherryActive Concentrate is made from 100% antioxidant-rich, additive-free, cherry concentrate.  Special techniques are used during its production to optimise the concentrate’s powerful nutrients... Click title to read more
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Aug 01, 2011
Sporting elite's secret weapon
Cherry juice is proving the elite choice this summer to boost and antioxidant and speed muscle recovery after exercise. CherryActive has been adopted by Manchester United... Click title to read more
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