After a tough day’s training, my body needs that extra help to repair the damage and I believe that CherryActive aids with this.

Daniel Bibby – England rugby 7s player.

I have CherryActive after high intensity training sessions, and also after my club games. I feel less stiff and better recovered if I drink CherryActive rather than anything else.

Tamara Taylor – England womens rugby player

I feel using CherryActive helps me massively with my recovery from the week in week out grind that comes with playing rugby league. It helps my body feel fresh and allows me to train and play the best I can each week.

Kyle Amor -professional rugby league player.

We use BeetActive in preparation for our key events, we all start to load 10-12 days prior to the event. I tend to use the BeetActive product throughout larger training blocks also to boost the nitrate level and aid performance gains.

CherryActive is a great way to aid recovery and sleep. We all use the concentrate after races and HIIT training sessions. I will also take a 30ml serving of the concentrate 3 nights prior to a race to aid with recovery and boost sleep.

Sam Woodfield, Active Edge Race Team

I always call Cherry Active my “secret weapon”. It was recommended to me by staff at the University of Northumbria when I used their heat chamber training for the run across the USA.

CherryActive made a huge difference to the runs across the USA and Australia. When you run up to 60 miles per day for 100 days you tend to ache a bit! I used CherryActive on a daily basis in the USA and Australia and the aches and pains in my legs were kept to an absolute minimum. I can’t imagine running without it now. More recently I’ve started to use Beet Active. The results are more difficult to measure than CherryActive but I’m definitely having more good runs than average when I use it.

Mark Allison (AKA Run Geordie Run) – ultra runner (ran 3100 miles across USA in 100 days)

CherryActive is an amazing product because it massively helps speed up my recovery! I am also using BeetActive prior to training to try and improve my endurance and VO2 MAX. It has definitely helped improved my running!

Holly Dixon – GB age group triathlete.

I drink CherryActive every evening before I go to bed to maximise sleep and recovery. It allows me to feel fresh each day and take the edge off the DOMs. I also use BeetActive in the build up to big competitions to maximise my performance.

Jack Schofield – GB age group triathlete

Active Edge is massively beneficial to my performance in helping with training stress, oxygen uptake to recovery from training. You have it all pre and post recovery! I am loving the BeetActive most at the moment the difference I have felt in how I feel and perform in training is incredible. I have it in my breakfast smoothie every morning. I defo crave the shake and I didn’t even like beetroot before.

Lucy Majury, CrossFit athlete

I use the BeetActive and CherryActive product ranges mainly. BeetActive provides me with a rich source of dietary nitrates, these are key to enabling me to work at higher intensities for longer during training and competition. I use CherryActive after my sessions as it helps me to recover faster with less muscle soreness.

Tunde Okunniwa, CrossFit athlete.

They are natural sporting performance enhancers. Coming from a sport science and nutrition background the ideal around natural products benefiting sporting performance is always intriguing. There is a vast amount of literature on the sporting benefits of beetroot juice pre-workout and cherry juice post-workout. Being a food blogger and a beetroot addict, it was the beetroot juice that initially attracted me to this brand and I now incorporate it into my personal nutrition plan.

Lindsay Benson, CrossFit athlete.

My training can be pretty intense, with up to two sessions a day so it’s been really important my nutrition is right. Incorporating CherryActive into my diet post work out really helps with my recovery. The BeetActive helps me keep going after a long day at work.

Kate McCall, CrossFit athlete

Having used CherryActive since my nutritionist incorporated it into my nutrition programmes, I have not been ill or injured once, despite completing the most intense training periods of my life. It is without doubt the best product I have ever used and is instrumental in optimising my recovery and keeping me super fit and healthy.

Amy Kilpin – GB Age Group Triathlete

CherryActive is great at helping me recover from my heavy training sessions, during competition it is excellent to assist my recovery between heats & finals to enable me to compete at best in finals.

Jessica-Jane Applegate MBE – Paralympic swimmer

The aches and pains have lessened from the arthritis sustained from a lifetime of mountaineering mishaps.

Joe Simpson – ex-professional mountaineer and author of Touching the Void

I predominantly work with top end athletes and professional football and rugby teams. I help support their recovery leading towards competition using the CherryActive product and where applicable, some of my athletes use the BeetActive for endurance performance.

Ed Tooley – Performance nutritionist

Two things are paramount in our sport - ability to output at a high level, and recovery. CherryActive and BeetActive are our magic bullet for having the best of both those essential pillars of OCR. We would love to be selfish and keep that secret all to ourselves, but the products are too good not to share and help other athletes in our sport get an edge too!

Joe Brigham, OCR athlete (team Brighthammer)

Health & Wellbeing

Over the past 4 years I have been getting attacks of gout more and more frequently. I have been using different medications from the doctor and they didn’t seem to make any difference at all. The attacks were coming every 3 or 4 weeks and were absolute agony. Since taking CherryActive for 4 months I have not had one single twinge. I honestly don’t think this can be a coincidence and recommend anyone with gout to give this juice a try.

B Fuller

I was having a massive flare-up of arthritis, which l have in most joints. My son researched the net for solutions and recommended that l try concentrated cherry juice. I have been taking the recommended amount each day (30ml) in a regular size glass of water and am astonished at the difference it has made. I have spent so much money over the years trying different remedies, buying joint supports etc. but nothing has worked like this cherry concentrate.

Active Edge Customer

I have been taking 2 tablespoons of CherryActive with sparkling water everyday for just over 2 weeks. My husband puts it in his home made smoothies. We are both in our mid 50s. The aches in my joints has almost completely disappeared. I feel like a different woman! I can't recommend it highly enough.

S. Stratemeier

Very impressed with this product. I suffer with arthritis in my thumbs since taking this product i can honestly say it has gone.

Karen Richardson

Suffering from gout several time per year and taking cherry active has helped tremendously. Take it morning and at night preventing attacks!

Mr Geoffrey

Bought this for my husband as I had read that tart cherry juice was a good natural therapy for gout users. He has been taking the recommended daily dose for seven months now and touch wood it seems to really help.


Gout problem? From crippled to normal again. Try this before you start taking nasty drugs. Worked like magic for me.

Simon M

I had bad gout and was recommended CherryActive and since taking it every day i have very little pain left and getting on with my work which includes a lot of walking carrying weights and I am 76 years of age!

Active Edge Customer

Works for hubby's gout in his foot so he is not in pain anymore. Husband was recommended to take this every morning after a severe attack of gout last year. He swears by it now.

Active Edge Customer

I’ve used CherryActive for many years for gout and arthritis. From my experience I can recommend it.


Recommended highly for prevention of the recurrence of gout, this product is easy to take mixed with yoghourt or made into a smoothie it also provides a very delicious alternative to dessert. An added bonus is that it helps with insomnia.

A Rixon

This product is a life saver,keeps my gout away,tastes good too.Worth every penny spent and if you've ever had gout you know what I mean.

N Paine

I wouldn't be without this juice, it really does seem to take a lot of the inflammation from my knees, I buy it regularly.

Active Edge Customer

Excellent as usual wouldn't want to start my day without it,have been using this for nearly five yrs.stops so many aches and pains,gives me energy before I walk dog for 2-3 miles every morning,not too bad for an 82yr old but know without my Cherry Active I couldn't do it.

Active Edge Customer

Been a total fan of CherryActive for years and years and quite frankly it keeps me going. Have successfully recommended to hundreds and not exaggerating!

C Comins

I am continuing to use this product. At the moment I have seen progress in the movement of my joints, so I will give it a little longer use and see what happens.

D Brown

Used this for a long time really makes a difference to my arthritis.

Active Edge Customer

Certainly seems to have helped my arthritis to be not so painful.

Sue Gibson

Bought this for the wife, who suffers from RA, and it really helps her, esp. in the winter.One a day helps no end.

B Archer

Can't do without this product. When I don't have my daily dose, I really feel it in my joints. It really works.


An excellent product. This has surprisingly beneficial effects in helping the process of sleeping and we have used it for about 7 years.

Sharon Pitts

Very effective against soreness, inflammation..and helps you happy.


Really good strong flavour and good value,I always seem to sleep a lot better when I take it in hot water at night.

Active Edge Customer

Since using Cherry Active anymore I do not feel tired during the day and at night sleep is better quality. Better resting. Very good product.


I only tend to sleep a couple of hours at a time without waking which I've had to accept, but I used to have some really restless nights which used to leave me absolutely drained in the morning. I've been monitoring and I do believe that the cherry active is helping - how? - who knows (who cares as long as it works). I'm going to keep using it.


Having suffered from insomnia for 4 years, I had exhausted all other remedies including CBT, ACT and medication. I thought it was worth giving cherry juice a go as a last resort. After 2 weeks taking 30ml twice daily I started sleeping normally every night and now take 30 ml once a day with my evening meal. I have been drinking it now for two months and do not plan stopping EVER. I no longer worry about what I am eating, drinking or the odd daytime nap. Thank you Cherry Active for giving me my life back.

Active Edge Customer

For the last fifteen years, I have suffered with constant bouts of Fibro/polymyalgia and the only treatment was copious amounts of anti-inflammatories and painkillers. Within five weeks of taking CherryActive daily, all the pain in the large muscle groups has completely gone, I can get up and down the stairs painfree without using the bannisters. I am sorry to sound like a "born again" Cherry Active junkie but I cannot tell you the wonderful difference this is making to my life.

Wendy Northover

This has helped with my insomnia. I sleep and wake up refreshed. Even when I have only a few hours sleep, I am still very refreshed when I wake up. My son who suffers from insomnia as well is able to sleep and wake up with no complain of tiredness.

M. Saunders

I have been taking 2 tablespoons of this with sparkling water everyday for just over 2 weeks. My husband puts it in his home made smoothies. We are both in our mid 50s. The pain & aching in my joints has almost completely disappeared. I feel like a different woman!

Sally Stratemeier

Having seen a TV program which mentioned Cherry juice can aid sleep I thought I would try this, so glad I did it has help me in many ways. I do seem to sleep for at least 7 hours each night and feel refreshed when I do wake.

Active Edge Customer