The Rugby World Cup – it’s a sore topic for England supporters, but not as sore as six solid weeks of tournament games and training will leave your muscles, even if you’re a professional.

Professional Rugby players know the importance of recovering from training and matches – that’s why four 2015 World Cup teams choose to use CherryActive.

CherryActive speeds up recovery time after a game or workout, allowing players to get back on the pitch sooner, beat DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and keep themselves on top form throughout the season.

Numerous studies have shown that tart cherry juice, like the concentrated Montmorency cherry juice found in CherryActive, contain nutrients that support healthy muscles and joints. A study carried out by the Sports and Exercise Science Research Center at London South Bank University found that athletes who took CherryActive after training returned to 90 percent of normal muscle force at 24 hours, compared to only 85 percent of normal at the same time point without CherryActive - a significant difference that could affect an athlete's next bout of performance.

Researchers suggest that the powerful antioxidant compounds in CherryActive likely decreased oxidative damage to the athletes' muscles - the damage that normally occurs when muscles are worked to their max - allowing the muscles to recover more quickly. 

If you’re inspired by the 2015 Rubgy World Cup to get on the field, check out CherryActive’s many benefits here

  • Oct 22, 2015
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