Active Edge - Plant-based nutrition proven to boost your triathlon performance

Active Edge Nutrition sell a range of premium, plant-based juices proven to give you an edge, when taken as part of your triathlon training and nutrition regime.

BeetActive is a concentrated beetroot juice that can boost your endurance performance, meaning you can train and compete at higher levels of intensity for longer, before reaching fatigue.

CherryActive is a concentrated tart (Montmorency) cherry juice, that can significantly speed recovery after training.  This can increase your weekly training load, which in turn can boost performance.

These two products are taken by hundreds of keen triathletes, from keen amateurs to world-class athletes, looking to optimise their training and competitive performance.


BeetActive – take pre-training to boost your sports endurance

BeetActive is a 100% natural, concentrated beetroot juice.

Drinking beetroot juice 1-2 hours before training or competition has been shown to significantly improve endurance performance. 

This means you can compete or train at higher intensities for longer.  This can mean faster swimming, cycling and running times.

Beetroots are a rich source of dietary nitrates.  These convert to nitric oxide in the body, which improve blood flow to the working

muscles.  Nitric oxide also improve the efficiency of the power generators (mitochondria) in your cells.

BeetActive is highly concentrated.  Sold in bottles (16 servings) or 30ml single serving packs.

Simply mix 30ml with water (250-500ml) and drink an hour or two before training or a race.


CherryActive – take post-training to speed your recovery and reduce soreness

CherryActive is a 100% natural, concentrated Montmorency cherry juice.

Drinking Montmorency cherry juice after training or competition has been shown to speed recovery and reduce muscle soreness.  Faster recovery

can enable you to train more frequently, leading to increased performance levels.  Reduced soreness leads to better form in training and better motivation.

Montmorency cherries have also been shown to improve sleep quality, another benefit for those with heavy training regimes.

Montmorency cherries are a variety of cherry that are rich in natural compounds, antioxidants and anthocyanins. 

Free radicals are the “exhaust fumes” produced during hard training and sport, which fatigue muscles and slow recovery.  Antioxidants mop up these free radicals,

helping the muscles repair quickly and recover their strength.  Anthocyanins are natural anti-inflammatory compounds, which reduce inflammation and soreness in muscles and joints after exercise.

CherryActive is highly concentrated.  Sold in bottles (16 servings) or 30ml single serving packs.

Simply mix 30ml with water (250-500ml) and drink within half an hour after training or a race.


Active Edge products play a key role on my nutritional programme. I use CherryActive every evening to maximise sleep and recovery. I also use BeetActive in the build up to competitions to maximise my performance.

CherryActive is  an amazing product because it massively helps speed up my recovery! I am also using BeetActive prior to training to improve my endurance and  VO2 MAX. It has definitely helped improve my running!

Having used CherryActive since my nutritionist incorporated it into my nutrition programmes, I have not been ill or injured once, despite completing the most intense training periods of my life. Active Edge products are, without doubt, the best products I have used to boost my performance and are instrumental in optimising my endurance, recovery and general health.


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