The Individual AIDA Pool World Championships ran from 21st to 27th June in the city of Belgrade in Serbia, with 122 athletes from 27 countries in attendance. A team of eight British athletes made up of seasoned and novice athletes alike made the self funded trip to represent the UK and fly the flag.

UK Team members, Adam Drzazga and Shirley Turner from Blue Water Freediving School were sponsored by CherryActive.

“Whilst we were at the London International Dive Show representing Blue Water Freediving, we stopped by The Triathlon Show at ExCel, this is where we first sampled the very tasty CherryActive and Beet Active. CherryActive, very kindly sent us a box of CherryActive and BeetActive, as well as a handy drinks bottle each, we put these straight to good use!

Beetroot has become a favorite supplement amongst freedivers, and to have it in a portion size sachet was ideal for taking along to training sessions and competitions alike. Whilst our training increased prior to the world championships, so did our need for nutrition and BeetActive helped fuel our body with nitrites, which the body then converts to nitric oxide – in turn expanding our blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and helping us relax and still feel oxygenated, this combination is key to the preparations before a big dive or breath-hold. CherryActive was the ever present recovery drink after a hard training session.

On the first day of the competition, Shirley’s first ever world championship and Adams fourth, they took part in the pool discipline of DNF (Dynamic No Fins), while not being their strongest discipline they both felt positive and excited at the same time. Their goal was to get a white card; this means completing the dive and the finishing protocol with no faults or hesitations. Having sipped on BeetActive while they stretched and warmed up, they found a quiet place to simply breathe, relax, visualize and mentally prepare. Shirley and Adam were delighted with their results; both received white cards and personals best performances. Shirley said “I have never felt so good during a no fins dive, I knew immediately that I would be able to do more, I reached 100m and Adam 124m! After the dives we enjoyed a much needed drink of CherryActive – it is the best recovery drink we have ever had, it soothes the muscles, and we felt refreshed!”

On the second day, the pair took part in DYN (Dynamic with Fins), again they prepared with BeetActive whilst stretching, followed by the same session of mental preparations and relaxations. Both really enjoyed it and again achieved white cards and personal bests, Shirley played it safe coming up at 125m, as she’d never reached that distance before, while Adam did a strong 178m. After such exertion, both truly enjoyed the refreshing CherryActive they had waiting for them on the poolside. Adam said “During a competition, you try your best and you put all your training to the test, we had used CherryActive after training sessions and felt the positive effect it has on recovery but we did not expect to feel just as good after the competition itself, we could not recommend CherryActive enough, it really does work!”

The third day of competition saw competitors face the almighty mind game of Static. The pair had had their BeetActive the night before, rested well, woke up and started the day with yet another BeetActive. Shirley said “With Static it is all about preparations, breath hold and mind games. BeetActive became essential to assist in lowering our blood pressure, helping our blood carry oxygen and relaxing!! I managed an average 5:27m breath-hold and was very disappointed that I had lost the battle mentally, this was not my PB, Adam achieved an impressive 6:41m but he too had not reached his PB”. Both divers were disappointed with these results but they had both made it through to the finals.

On the day of the finals they once again boosted their systems with BeetActive; they had new goals, new coaches and a refreshed determination. Both were determined to beat their training PB’s. The final proved to be a tough mental fight with both thinking of every excuse and reason to simply lift their head out the water and breathe but this time they won the battle and both achieved new personal bests. At the end of the competition the pair ranked 10th and 11th in the world.

If Freediving has caught your attention, it is strongly recommend that you train under a qualified instructor, from a recognized club.

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