Does the above sound good to you? What if you found out that this could all be done by introducing just a small element of a certain fruit into your diet?

..Well good news, because that is all it takes, and it is the reason why some of the UK’s top MMA athletes are now incorporating CherryActive products into their workouts and everyday lives.

Although all fresh fruits (especially cherries) are full of goodness, Tart cherries, specifically the Montmorency variety, have been found to be packed with high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids, including Anthocyanin and Melotonin. It is this specific cherry that is the base for one of the UK’s best kept secrets. Company owner John Carey, explained his reasons behind the product.

Throughout my teens and twenties. At 28 I was diagnosed with gout, a very painful arthritic condition that usually affects older men. After several years of agonising attacks, I had to give up judo as the constant pain in my feet made training unbearable. My doctor prescribed powerful medication, but I wanted to find a natural alternative. On a trip to the US I was introduced to a cherry farmer, who sold a cherry juice he claimed gave relief to joint and muscle pain. After amazing results, I took redundancy from my job and started working with the same farmer to produce the CherryActive range of products, using the same cherries that helped my recovery. It brings me great pleasure to see CherryActive products now being taken by professional MMA athletes and others serious about their sport, as well as the thousands of customers wanting to keep their joints and muscles in top working order.”

One of the most recognised names to become a ‘cherry convert’ is Pride and EliteXCveteran James ‘The Colossus’ Thompson. James, who fights in Japan for Sengoku, has one of the most impressive physiques in MMA and, as a seasoned heavyweight (who has had his fair share of battles), he knows the importance of muscle recovery. For any eagle-eyed FO readers, you may have noticed James mentioned CherryActive in our popular ‘Kit Bag’ feature. “One thing that I take is CherryActive. It’s excellent stuff for recovery, it really helps me out. I was surprised at how well it works,” he said.

Scientific evidence suggests that the compounds of the cherries used may help maintain healthy joints and muscles, normal uric acid levels and healthy sleep patterns. On-going research at various, highly regarded universities are slowly unlocking the secrets of the health-giving compounds contained within Montmorency cherries.

CherryActive products are taken by elite athletes and sports professionals to help their muscles recover quickly from strenuous training and competition, to reduce the effects of Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS), and to help promote restful sleep. Nutrition plays a vital role in the performance of any athlete. Often, individuals overlook the importance of micronutrients in their diet and the positive effects they have on recovery and performance, choosing to focus solely on appropriate intake of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats).

Overlooking micronutrients in this way can be a limiting factor on one’s recovery, and therefore performance. While a high-performance diet requires all macronutrients, it also requires micronutrients to help optimise and achieve the body’s highest possible level of recovery.

This is something TUF9 UK lightweight star Ross Pearson feels strongly about. “I use CherryActive to help me recover from training, so that I can push harder in every session. I also take CherryActive as it helps reduce muscle soreness, which is perfect for my weight training!”

It is not just veterans of the sport who are backing the benefits of this hidden gem. Other converts include newly signed Affliction fighter Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley and TUF9 contestant Dean Amasinger. Rising stars such as Jeff Lawson and Nick Osipzcak, both representing the UK on the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter, are also fans of the natural positive effects. As Jeff Lawson explains, “[It is] one of the best products out there! It genuinely helps my recovery. If I miss it for a week, my training is definitely affected and I ache more, making it more of an effort to train.”

Nick Osipczak is also a huge fan, and backs up the increase in recovery and assisted rest. “I take a CherryActive capsule every morning and night, and the concentrate straight after training to assist my muscle recovery. The main benefit I’ve noticed is an improved quality of sleep, meaning I feel more refreshed for the next training session. The juice tastes great as well!”

The concentrate can be added to water, protein powder or even natural yoghurt, which is perfect because it is now argued that antioxidants contained in CherryActive also slow down the ageing process – not only the visible signs of ageing, like fine lines and wrinkles, but also the damaging oxidation from free radicals that are linked to a host of degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular disease and brain deterioration.

What the pros say...

“CherryActive is a must for anyone aiming to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Its role for me as a fighter has been awesome; it aids my muscular recovery, and I always wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go at it again.” - Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley Cage Rage, Strike Force and Affliction Fighter

“Since I’ve found CherryActive my energy levels have increased and my recovery after training sessions has been greatly improved. Anyone involved in serious training should give this product a go - they won’t be disappointed!” -  James ‘The Colossus’ Thompson Cage Rage, Pride FC and Sengoku Fighter

“Since using the CherryActive drink I have noticed that my recovery from hard training is much quicker, particularly from muscle soreness. I also use the CherryActive capsules which give me a much improved and restful sleep, again benefiting my general recovery.” -  Dean Amarasinghe TUF 9 Team UK Member

“The juice is great to help prevent muscle soreness after hard sessions and it is a natural, great tasting drink! I can train twice a day and feel great the next day with no aches or pains. I also find taking the capsules before I go to bed helps me get a fantastic night’s sleep and I wake up feeling great and ready to train.” -  Ross Pearson TUF 9 Team UK Member

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