CherryActive Concentrate is made from 100% antioxidant-rich, additive-free, cherry concentrate.  Special techniques are used during its production to optimise the concentrate’s powerful nutrients

CherryActive has been an open secret among Premiership footballers and rugby players for many years and now a growing number of GB Olympic hopefuls have joined them in taking this natural, performance-boosting phenomenon.

Wendy Houvenaghel, current track cycling’s Team Pursuit World Champion and Olympic Gold hopeful, said:

"Since using CherryActive products I have noticed an improvement in my overall recovery, which is beneficial to my training and competition requirements. CherryActive forms a significant part of my nutritional strategy, especially when preparing for major competitions like World Championships and Olympic Games."

CherryActive Concentrate is the only such product that has proven research credentials.

  • Recent published research (1) demonstrated how athletes taking CherryActive after training recovered significantly quicker with less muscle soreness.  This can lead to increased training loads and a boost in power, strength and performance.
  • Another recent published study has demonstrated that taking CherryActive significantly improves the quality and quantity of sleep (2).  Improved sleep is a known factor in improving sports performance (3), as this is when the body’s complex repair processes are most active.
  • A further study quantified the extremely high antioxidant levels in CherryActive.  A single 30ml serving was shown to contain 8260 ORAC units (4) (ORAC is a standard measure of antioxidant levels in foods.  A medium carrot contains 703 ORAC units, by comparison).  Antioxidants neutralise Free Radicals – compounds produced in abundance during exercise, which can damage cells and reduce immune function.
  • Feb 07, 2012
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