Fiery-Sweet PomegranateActive® Dip

Credit Image/Recipe - Clara Sen


Prep time - 15 minutes


¼ Chili, fresh

100 g Cream cheese

50 g Feta cheese

50 g Dates

30 ml PomegranateActive

1 Pinch of salt

½ bunch (10 g) Chives

Optional: Walnuts and pomegranate seeds


1 Finely slice chili

2 Add chili, cheeses, dates, PomegranateActive and salt into a blender

3 Mix until smooth

4 Slice chives and stir into the dip

5 Optional: Chop Walnuts. Stir seeds and walnuts into dip and use a few for decoration.

5 Enjoy with bread, vegetables and meat!

Tip: Perfect dip for a sunny barbecue! 

  • Apr 17, 2020
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