Immunity Protection

A study (read the study here), has shown that taking Montmorency cherry juice daily may boost your immunity and help prevent respiratory infections (viruses etc). This is especially important if your body is under stress - particularly athletes (this study was on marathon runners), the elderly, people with underlying health conditions and those with compromised immunity.

The study, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, found that drinking Montmorency cherry juice reduced upper respiratory tract symptoms.  Post-race infections are a common problem among endurance athletes.

The U.K. research team, led by Glyn Howatson at Northumbria University and Lygeri Dimitriou at Middlesex University, found that marathon runners who consumed Montmorency cherry juice had lower markers for inflammation than a placebo group at 24 and 48 hours post-marathon, and had no reported incidences of upper respiratory tract symptoms (URTS) up to 48 hours after the race. For the runners who did not drink Montmorency cherry juice, 50 percent suffered from URTS.

Glen Howatson commented, "Many athletes can suffer from colds and sore throats following strenuous bouts of exercise, like marathon running and triathlons. This is the first study to provide encouraging evidence of the potential role of Montmorency tart cherries in reducing symptoms associated with the development of exercise-induced respiratory problems.  We should be looking at all the potential ways we can help athletes recover from strenuous exercise, and protection of the respiratory system is another dimension."

Although this study was performed with athletes, drinking Montmorency cherry juice may help prevent upper respiratory tract symptoms in other groups, through keeping the immune system strong. This is particularly important for groups who may be at increased risk of infection, including the elderly, people with underlying health conditions and people with compromised immunity.

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