Montmorency Cherries - Nature's Healing Fruit

At this time of year, it is hard to ignore the invitation the warm weather gives us to embrace the great outdoors!

Whether it be a walk, stroll or even a gentle jog that we are inspired towards, this is a step up in our activity levels that often only the incentive of a perfect summer's day could spur us to make.

Wanting to make the most of the weather by striding out at every opportune moment of sunshine is, however, quite something else to actually being able to translate this desire into action, especially when pain, immobility and fatigue are the main stumbling blocks. 

Whether it the physical restrictions of Arthritis, Gout, Fibromyalgia or other inflammatory condition that is undermining your potential to enjoy some of the more simple  active pleasures of summer, is it is inspiring to know that, at this time when having restricted freedom of movement is most of a burden, nature conveniently hands us return ticket to health in form of one of it's most popular seasonal fruits - Ruby-red, Montmorency cherries are being hailed as Nature's Healing Fruit. 

Ongoing research suggests that the unique variety of tart cherry may help relieve the pain of inflammatory conditions through the unique power of it's antioxidants, of which the most potent identified are Melatonin and Anthocyanic. Although all cherries contain beneficial compounds, research scientists are discovering that Montmorency cherries, grown mainly in North America, are a rich source of potent, natural antioxidants and bioflavonoids. These compounds have not only been found to help maintain healthy joints, but also have the ability to destroy harmful, naturally occurring compounds in the body called free radicals. These are thought to play a role in a host of degenerative diseases.

Growing scientific evidence suggests that cherries, especially the Montmorency variety, may bring a form of natural relief for many sufferers of Gout, as the antioxidants thay contain may well help break down and eliminate the uric acid which can build up in the joints in this condition. In Arthritis, these powerful antioxidant compounds function in the same manner as anti-inflammatory drugs and can inhibit the enzymes responsible for the condition.

One other mechanism by which the antioxidant Melatonin, in particular, in cherries can help restore mobilty and reduce pain is through the elimination of sleep disorders and the promotion of deep level sleep, which in turn helps to encourage tissue repair, antibody production, and proper immune system functioning to help target the root cause of pain and mobility issues.

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