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August 17, 2018
Name: Holly Dixon
Year or birth: 1997
Weight: 53kg
Sport: Triathlon
Team/club: Precision Race Team and Greenwich Tritons triathlon club


Tell us about yourself:

I started triathlon 3 years ago after quitting elite gymnastics due to a back injury. Since then I have competed in Triathlon and Duathlon Age Group World Championship, and I managed to get a World Silver Medal. 

Tell us about the sport you compete in:

Triathlon is an amazing sport. Starting with an 750M open water swim is always great fun. Sprint triathlons are incredibly fast and all out from the start to the finish. The swim is followed by 20K bike ride and a 5K run. 

How did you become involved in the sport:

After quitting gymnastics I really wanted to compete at a high level again! My cousins were already doing triathlon and I thought it looked like great fun. 

What does an average training week consist of: 

An average training week consists of 3-4 sessions of each discipline. Also some core work sessions and a rest day!

How does the Active Edge product range help you during training and competing:

The CherryActive concentrate is  an amazing product because it massively helps speed up my recovery! I am also using the BeetActive concentrate prior to training to try and improve my endurance and  VO2 MAX. It has definitely helped improved my running!

Highlight of career: 

Winning a silver medal at the age group duathlon world championships!

Who are your hero’s?

Jessica Ennis, Helen Jenkins and Gabrielle Douglas. 

What are your future goals: 

In the future I want to continue winning world medals and hopefully reach the elite stage of triathlon. 

How do you relax away from your sport?

When not doing sport I love just spending time with my family and doing different kinds of sports for fun.