Name: Kyle Amor 

Year of Birth: 1987

Height: 6ft 1

Weight: 105kgs

Sport: Rugby League

Team: St Helens RFC

Represented: Cumbria & Ireland

About You:

I am a professional rugby league player with the Super League side St Helens RFC.

Tell us about the sport you compete in?

It’s a bit tricky to explain but our sport involves 12 teams playing 30 matches in a season. After those games the top 4 sides that have accumulated the most points go into a playoff knockout until 2 teams remain and play in the final to be crowned champions.

How did you become involved in it?

It was not something I set out to do to be honest. I just went along for something to do with my mates and the rest is history.

What does an average training week consist of?

Training normally consists of gym weights in the morning and a field session in the afternoon usually 4 times a week. We also fit detailed video analysis sessions in, this is in preparation for the team we will be playing on that week.

How does the CherryActive product range help you during training and competition?

I feel using cherry active helps me massively with my recovery from the week in week out grind that comes with playing rugby league. It helps my body feel fresh and allows me to train and play the best I can each week.

Highlight of career?

It has to be winning the Super League title in 2014 at Old Trafford.

Who are your hero’s?

I never really had any hero's growing up; I have always just admired anyone who played any sport at the top level.

What are your future goals?

I would love to win the challenge cup at Wembley, and play for England.

How do you relax away from your sport?

I like to spend time with my young family. 

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