Name: Natalie Lawrence

Year of Birth: 1987

Height: 160cm

Weight: 49kg

Sport: Half Ironman Triathlon

Club: Transition Tri Team

Representations: Great Britain at Junior elite World and Europeans, GB European and World Biathlon, GB Pro Ironman triathlon

Tell us about yourself?

I’m now in my third year as a pro ironman athlete. I started my career as a national swimmer, aged 15 I was talent scouted at the National Biathlon where I was runner up. From there I was thrown straight into the deep end and into the World Class programmes and then into the high performance squad at Loughborough University where I was focussing on Olympic distance racing.

After suffering numerous setbacks and an eating disorder, I took some time out to get my health and happiness back and then focused my efforts on the long distance races, where I qualified for a PRO license in 2012.

Tell us about the sport you compete in?

It's long and hard! The half ironman consists of 1.9km swim - 90km bike - 1/2 marathon run. Races usually last between 4.5-5hr depending on the characteristics of the course.

What does an average training week consist of?

My normal week consist of about 20 hours of training. This breaks down as 4 swim sessions, 2 strength sessions (strength/core), 3-4 bike sessions (long & intervals) and also 3-4 bike and run sessions (long & intervals).

How does the CherryActive product range help you during training and competition?

CherryActive has helped my training and race performance improve significantly. It enables me to optimise my recovery through improved muscle recovery and increased sleep levels which allow me to perform at the top level.

I also use BeetActive concentrate before my training and races as it provides high levels of dietary nitrates.

Career Highlights?

- Winning world and European titles

- Coming 3rd in my first official pro ironman season at Galway 70.3

- Achieving top 20 at the World Junior Elite Champs in Japan

Who are your hero’s?

Obviously Chrissie Wellington, Jodie Swallow and Miranda Carfrae

What are your future goals?

Get back into the TRI scene after the birth of my baby boy. I need to build my bases again with a focus on getting near 3h for the marathon and slowly getting to some form in triathlon. I want to take a break from the pro scene to get some finances built, to build my business Transition Tri, and to enjoy the race scene.

How do you relax away from your sport?

I like to unwind by catching up with friends and going massages to chill out away from my hectic training schedule.

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