“Having used CherryActive since my nutritionist incorporated it into my nutrition programmes, I have not been ill or injured once, despite completing the most intense training periods of my life. It is without doubt the best product I have ever used and is instrumental in optimising my recovery and keeping me super fit and healthy”.

About You

I am 28 years old and live in rural Hertfordshire, which sits in the Chiltern Hills. I’m an Age Group triathlete representing GBR at the middle and long distance European Championships this year. My profession as an independent marketing consultant means I have to juggle quite a bit of work and training!

Tell us about the sport you compete in? 

I compete primarily in middle to long distance triathlon although this year has seen me doing a bit of everything. Triathlon involves a swim, bike and run, and a full/long/Iron distance event takes in an epic 3.8k swim, 180k bike and 42k run!

How did you become involved in it?

I started in triathlon about two years ago after running a few marathons; I was looking for the ‘next challenge’ and in my bid to complete an Ironman I became rather addicted. I have been working with some great coaches over the past 18 months and am very lucky to now be supported by a whole host of sponsors.

What does an average training week consist of?

An average training week is usually around 18 hours. I pretty much swim, bike and run every day, with shorter sessions during the week so I can fit work in and longer sessions or races at the weekends. My weekends are big training days, sometimes up to 7 hours a day!

How does the CherryActive product range help you during training and competition?

I’ve been using CherryActive for a year now, recommended by my nutritionist fit naturally. I have had about one cold in all this time, and I can sustain high volume training blocks (sometimes 20-30 hour weeks) and feel completely recovered. It is literally a miracle product!

Highlight of career?
This year I won a silver medal for coming second in my age group at the National Middle Distance Championships. This was an amazing surprise to me, and definitely a high point so far in my triathlon journey.

Who are your hero’s?
Chrissie Wellington (obviously), Dean Karnazes (an ultrarunner) Jerry Moffatt (rock climber) and Chris Bonnington (Everest summiteer).

What are your future goals?
I want to see how far I can take triathlon and I’m prepared to do anything it takes. I love the sport so much, my whole life revolves around it!

How do you relax away from your sport?
I have spent years rock climbing and horse riding and I really miss these sports, so I try to fit them in whenever I have an end of season break or a rest day. The rest of the time I tend to relax physically while working (!!) or if I really want to switch off I like watching films (but never TV). I’m also partial to a little sunshine!

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