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June 01, 2016


Name: Elise Quarrington
Year of Birth: 1993
Sport: Triathlon
Team/Club: Berkshire Triathlon Squad

Tell us about yourself?

I am a 22 year old triathlete and live in Berkshire. I have been competing competitively in triathlons for 2 years after changing sports from rowing due to a bad back injury. I am currently studying to be a Midwife at Kings College London which means juggling shift work and training!


Tell us about the sport you compete in?:

I am a GB age group triathlete and aiming to race as an elite this year. Triathlon is a unique sport as you compete in 3 disciplines; swimming, cycling and running. I am focusing on Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons.


How did you become involved in it?:

I used to be a National level rower, however I suffered 3 stress fractures to my lower spine so was forced out of the sport. I tried track cycling, swimming, even a bit of water polo but never enjoyed another sport as much as rowing. I was then introduced to the University of Birmingham’s Triathlon Team where I gained a place on the scholarship squad. I fell in love with the sport straight away. I have been helped by some brilliant encouraging coaches and am lucky enough to have gained sponsors.


What does an average training week consist of?

I aim to train around 20 hours a week which involves swimming 6 days a week, cycling 10-12 hours a week, running every other day, yoga once a week and a strength and conditioning session (weights) once a week. On top of this I have daily physio exercises to do to stay injury free.


How does the CherryActive product range help you during training and competition?

CherryActive have been a great help to my training and racing, particularly the CherryActive shots which help me recover from hard sessions so I am on top form to train the next day. It’s my go-to product after a killer training session!


Highlight of career?

I came 10th at the European Championships 2015 in Geneva despite no running training due to a shin splint injury.


Who are your hero’s?

Gwen Jorgenson is incredible to watch, how she can dominate the field and make it look so effortless.
I also owe a lot to my parents, without their constant support I wouldn’t be half the athlete I am today.


What are your future goals?

My short term aim is to improve on my European ranking in May 2016 and race competitively as an elite this year. I haven’t set a long term goal as things are constantly changing. I just want to be the best athlete I can and know that I have pushed myself beyond limits.


How do you relax away from your sport?

Movies! Nothing works better than a movie night to relax away from training.