Name: Kate McCall
Year of Birth: 03/04/1989
Sport: CrossFit 
Team/Club: CrossFit Derby


Tell us about yourself?

Born and bred in Derby.. (This is in the Midlands not up North!) 

My sporting background comes from Athletics, I have been a competitive 400m runner for the past 7 years. I have struggled with injury which lead me into my new path of CrossFit.
I work full time for a design and build company, as an Architectural Technologist, my normal hours are 8-5 so I work my training around this. 
Last year I did my British Weight lifting qualification and I now do the odd bit of coaching for this in this in my free time, I would like to become more involved, but its difficult to get everything in.


Tell us about the sport you compete in? 

I was introduced to CrossFit in October 2013 (and became addicted quiet quickly!) I started off using this to supplement my running, doing 2 sessions a week, I have been taking it more seriously over the past 18 months which has really paid off.

Now, this is my primary focus and I am training to compete at the highest achievable level. I started off competing in team competitions and have also done a number of individual events. 

The sport is so varied, there is always something to work on and improve, I love the light weight gymnastic workouts; my upper body strength for the heavy weights still needs a lot of work! 

 How did you become involved in it? 

I was invited down by the owner of CrossFit Derby (my current coach) for a trail week. I had honestly never heard of it before and when I walked in I wasn’t quite sure what to expect (apparently I put everyone on edge because I was a little bit clumsy..!) after the first week I had never felt so sore! So I went back for more!

What does an average training week consist of? 

Usually we work in 3 day training cycles so a typical 3 days would look like the below, followed by a rest day on the fourth day:

Monday-Friday (Sometimes i have a morning off)

5.30am- Wake up

6.00-7.15am- Training- This is normally a conditioning session consisting of rowing/running/swimming, which would normally last around 45mins to 1 hour. 

8-15-17.00- Work 

17.30-20.00- Training- this is usually an hours worth of strength work (Olympic lifting, squats ects) followed but a metcon/crossfit type workout. 

20.30- Eat

21.30- Sleep!

Repeat… :)

Saturdays/Sundays- I try to get a running session in so this usually happens at the weekend which normally consists of hill sprints depending on how my body feels from the weeks training. The rest of the week i try to relax/catch up on jobs!


How does the CherryActive product range help you during training and competition? 

My training can be quiet intense with up to two sessions a day so its been really important my nutrition is right.

Incorporating Cherry Active products into my diet post work out really helps with my recovery. The Beetroot juice helps me keep going after a long day at work. 


Highlight of career? 


  • Reaching the British Championships (July 2014)
  • North of England Silver Medallist (June 2014)


  • 18th Position Finish in the Athlete Games (January 2016)
  • 2nd Place in Battle of Britain (April 2016)
  • CrossFit Regional Competitor 2016. I will be competing in the Meridian region in Madrid, Spain at the end of May 2016. 


Who are your hero’s? 


Kelly Homes and Jessica Ennis have always been big inspirations in Athletics for me. Determination and commitment in any athlete is always impressive to see. 

My coaches are also good role models for this in both sports. I have been very lucky for this. 


What are your future goals? 

My main aim is to stay injury free..!

Within the next year my aims are to continue to compete in CrossFit. Focusing on the higher level competitions; peaking in February/March time for the Open to give it my best go at sitting in the Top 30 in Europe to go onto regionals. 

This is the event I will be doing in Madrid in May, this year I am going for the experience. I cant wait to be competing on the  same stage as Top girls in Europe..very excited!

Apart from that I have goals to get stronger in all of my lifting, improve on my gymnastics skills… a lot of things really but there is always thing you want to improve! I’m pretty critical of my performance.


How do you relax away from your sport

Haha erm… I sleep ALOT when I’m not training! And watch Coronation Street (don’t laugh!) I also like to catch up with friends and family :) 

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