Studies show drinking beetroot juice can significantly boost your endurance performance.

This can mean competing and training at higher intensities for longer.

Beetroots are a rich source of dietary nitrates that covert into nitric oxide when consumed. Increased nitric oxide levels can lead to increased blood flow to the working muscles.  Nitric oxide also makes it easier for the “power generators” in the muscle cells (mitochondria) to produce energy.

This process can lower the oxygen cost of exercise, enabling your body to sustain higher intensities for longer and ultimately provide a natural boost to endurance.

BeetActive is a highly concentrated pure beetroot juice.  It contains no added preservatives or other such additives and is made avoiding excessive heat to help protect its beneficial nutrients. It is taken by a host of leading sports teams, including international football teams, triathletes, cyclists, swimmers and runners.

BeetActive is available in bottles and sachet formats.


Cost effective way to take BeetActive every day. Keep in fridge and measure out your daily 30ml with our sports bottle or branded glass. Dilute with water (250-50ml). Also add to houmous, dressings, smoothies etc.


Convenient packs containing recommended 30ml serving – great for on the go and travelling – include a sachet in training/gym bag to take before exercise. 30ml sachets can also be taken onto aircraft. Also, the sachets are part of the Informed Sport programme (ideal for tested, professional athlete customers). Dilute with water. Recommended BeetActive use for endurance: Take one or two 30ml of BeetActive Concentrate 1-2 hours before training or competition. Dilute with water (250-500ml).


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