Consumption of Montmorency cherries (in juice or supplement form) may help you stop painful attacks of gout.  Discover more below.


What is Gout?

  •  Gout is a type of arthritis that causes sudden and extremely painful attacks in the joints of the foot, knee, ankle, hand and wrist – especially the big toe.  
  • It is a common joint condition affecting one in 14 men and one in 35 women. In men, it can occur any time after puberty, whereas in women it is uncommon before the menopause.

  • Gout is caused by excess uric acid in the bloodstream.   An overload of uric acid can cause it to form into microscopic, needle-like, urate crystals in the joints, causing inflammation and intense pain.

  • All of the cells in the human body, and many of the foods we eat, contain substances known as purines.  As old cells are broken down, or as foods are digested, these purines are converted to uric acid, which is carried in the blood.

  • Most people with gout have high levels of uric acid in their blood because they do not pass enough in their urine, often due to inefficient kidney function.  High levels of purines in the diet and certain medications like diuretics are also factors that increase the occurrence of gout.

 How Montmorency cherries help

  • Research studies show that consumption of Montmorency cherry juice can lower uric acid in the bloodstream.  Lowering uric acid levels in the blood can prevent it forming crystals of urate that cause gout attacks.

  • Analysis of Montmorency cherries shows they contain significant levels of anthocyanins (far higher than other varieties of cherries and other fruit) which give the fruit its bright red colour.  Scientists believe these compounds are behind the fruit’s uric acid lowering effects.

  • Studies have also shown anthocyanins to possess anti-inflammatory properties. This may help reduce the inflammation and pain associated with acute gout attacks.

  • Therefore, individuals, with a susceptibility to gout, may be able to reduce uric acid levels and inflammation associated with gout attacks by including Montmorency cherries in their diet. 

  • Although studies have used Montmorency cherry juice concentrate, freeze-dried powders may also be effective.

Research Study

  • A study from Northumbria University found that after drinking Montmorency cherry concentrate, uric acid levels in the body significantly reduced in just a few hours.

  • In the single blind, two-phase study, healthy participants were invited to drink CherryActive Concentrate (100% Montmorency cherry concentrate) to test how it affected the levels of uric acid in their blood and urine. They drank either 30ml or 60ml of the concentrate mixed with 100ml of water.  Blood and urine samples were taken at regular intervals following consumption of the concentrate.

  • Two hours after drinking the cherry concentrate, uric acid levels in urine had increased by around 250%, indicating that the body was quickly excreting uric acid. This was reflected in blood tests, with uric acid levels in blood decreasing by around 36% eight hours after drinking the concentrate.

  • The results also showed a reduction in an inflammation marker.

  • The findings also revealed that while the 60ml dose of cherry concentrate increased the volumes of anthocyanins within the blood, it brought no additional benefit in lowering uric acid or inflammation compared to the 30ml dose, demonstrating that only a small volume of the cherry concentrate was needed to bring about the beneficial effects.


      Customer Comments

    •  Over the past 4 years I have been getting attacks of gout more and more frequently. I have been using different medications from the doctor and they didn’t seem to make any difference at all. The attacks were coming every 3 or 4 weeks and were absolute agony. Since taking CherryActive for 4 months I have not had one single twinge. I honestly don’t think this can be a coincidence and recommend anyone with gout to give this juice a try. B Fuller 
    • Suffering from gout several time per year and taking cherry active has helped tremendously. Take it morning and at night preventing attacks! Mr Geoffrey

    •  Bought this for my husband as I had read that tart cherry juice was a good natural therapy for gout users. He has been taking the recommended daily dose for seven months now and touch wood it seems to really help. MS

    •  Gout problem? From crippled to normal again. Try this before you start taking nasty drugs. Worked like magic for me. Simon M

    •  Works for hubby's gout in his foot so he is not in pain anymore. Husband was recommended to take this every morning after a severe attack of gout last year. He swears by it now. Active Edge Customer

    • I’ve used CherryActive for many years for gout and arthritis. From my experience I can recommend it. Howard

    •  Recommended highly for prevention of the recurrence of gout, this product is easy to take mixed with yoghourt or made into a smoothie it also provides a very delicious alternative to dessert. An added bonus is that it helps with insomnia. A Rixon

    • This product is a life saver, keeps my gout away, tastes good too.  Worth every penny spent and if you've ever had gout you know what I mean. N Paine



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     Recommended intake:  

    Take 30ml CherryActive concentrate or two CherryActive capsules daily. 

    A 946ml bottle of CherryActive is approx. one month’s supply.