All Active Edge concentrated juices contain fast-acting carbohydrate, at levels shown to have a boost to athletic performance when taken during intense or long-lasting exercise.

A 30ml serving of CherryActive, BeetActive, BlueberryActive or PomegranateActive each contains over 25g of naturally-occurring carbohydrate (a mixture of fructose and glucose), which can keep  exercising muscles loaded with energy giving glycogen.

EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) has recently adopted the health claim (waiting to be published on the EFSA journal):

Carbohydrate solutions can contribute to the improvement of physical performance during high intensity and long-lasting exercise in healthy trained adults (interestingly they define high intensity exercise as that greater than 65% VO2 max and long lasting as at least an hour).

The recommended usage is up to three servings per hour (one serving = 30ml Active Edge concentrate) or one serving every 20 minutes during high intensity or long-lasting exercise.


Take a 30ml serving of our concentrated juices (up to three times per hour, with water) to boost intense or long-lasting physical performance.

This performance benefit from Active Edge carbohydrates is on top of the recovery, endurance performance, sleep and antioxidant benefits of the products, highlighted in these Active Edge sports performance pages!