CherryActive® Concentrate 946ml Bottle CherryActive® Concentrate 946ml Bottle CherryActive® Concentrate 946ml Bottle

CherryActive® Concentrate 946ml Bottle

  • Research shows drinking CherryActive (100% concentrated Montmorency cherry juice) lowers uric acid in the blood
  • High uric acid is the cause of gout. Usually 30ml of CherryActive a day keeps gout at bay
  • Montmorency cherry juice also has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Therefore any gout tends to be less sore, and recovery is quicker, when taking CherryActive regularly
  • As featured in The Mail On Sunday
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Did you know?
Drinking just 30ml of CherryActive concentrate with water twice a day leads to lower blood uric acid levels and reduced inflammation, as proven via a study by Northumbria University.

The founder of the company, John Carey, suffered with regular gout attacks, until he discovered the power of Montmorency cherries to help him manage his condition.  He now rarely gets any gout attacks.  He recommends taking 30ml CherryActive concentrate a day, diluted in a glass of water and 30ml twice a day, if joints start to feel sore.

CherryActive® is a 100% natural, tart Montmorency cherry concentrate. Each bottle is made from the concentrated juice of approximately 3,000 Montmorency cherries and contains no sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings or added sugar.

We recommend new customers buy an initial three-month supply of CherryActive (which is 3 bottles of our 946ml).

Per 30ml Per 100ml
Energy 429kJ (102kcal) 1430kJ (340kcal)
Protein 1.1g 3.7g
Carbohydrates 24.5g 81.7g
(of which Sugars*) 17.9g 59.7g
Fat 0g 0g
(of which Saturates) 0g 0g
Fibre 2.6g 8.7g
Salt 0g 0g
*Contains naturally occurring sugars only.