Award-Winning CherryActive celebrating 10th Anniversary!

CherryActive, the award-winning company that produces the health industry favourite, CherryActive Concentrate, celebrates its tenth anniversary on 1st January 2016!

John Carey, CherryActive’s Founder and Director, started CherryActive when he discovered that tart Montmorency cherries, grown in the US for the cherry pie market, had an amazing, positive effect on his gout, a painful joint condition that he had suffered from for years.

He worked with Michigan’s top cherry growers to produce his glorious-tasting Montmorency cherry concentrate, which is lovingly produced to contain extraordinary levels of beneficial compounds without any added preservatives or other such additives.

John was so passionate about his product that he worked tirelessly promoting it. The company has gained an impressive total of over 600 press articles over the past ten years.

This has been helped by the ongoing research into CherryActive’s many health benefits.  As well as improvements for gout sufferers, research has shown significant results for CherryActive in improving sleep quality, reducing inflammation and speeding recovery after exercise.

“The journey with exercise recovery benefits has been the most exciting.” says John, “We now boast international and premiership rugby, football and cricket teams as our customers, as well as a number of world-beating Olympic squads.”

The company has now diversified into producing other premium quality juice concentrates and related products, including a range of beetroot (BeetActive) and blueberry products (BlueberryActive).

CherryActive has also won an impressive array of company and product awards over the past decade.  Most recently, in October, CherryActive was awarded Best Drink in the UK/EU’s Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice Food and Drink Awards, hosted by The Institute of Functional Medicine and Nutri-Link Clinical Education and voted on by leading nutritionists, medics and clinicians.

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